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Pressure Cast

Who are the people changing the way we create, build and design the future?

Pressure Cast is a show dedicated to the fascinating, hilarious and inspiring stories, ideas and insights from thought leaders, technologists and entrepreneurs re-envisioning our world with technology and startups.

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    E24: Zack Abbott (CEO @ ZBiotics) on Bioengineering Hangovers, Building Microbial Factories and Synthetic Biology Geek Out

    In 2003, the first whole human genome sequencing cost totalled to roughly $2.7 billion. With rapid advancements in new tools, research and sequencing technologies, a new wave of techies is on the rise taking engineering principles to the biological domain. In this cast we talk to one such Co-Founder, Zack Abbott, about the rise of Synthetic Biology, his company, ZBiotics, and their work to build a probiotic product to alleviate hangovers.

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    E23: Alex Ortiz (CEV @ LifeID) on Atomizing of Our Identities, Open Questions about Open Source Businesses, Analog to Digital ID

    Does a bar really need to know your full name and address or just that you're over 21? With growing technical and social engineering, something as simple as a leaked driver's licence can be lethal from an privacy standpoint. Should these analog identities have digital equivalents? In this cast we chat with Alex Ortiz, Chief Blockchain Evangelist at LifeID about how we are atomizing our identity. The future is wild.

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    E22: Ian Haase (CF at Motif Cannabis) - Navigating Canadian Cannabis Industry, Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs & Growing R&D for Canada with Motif Cannabis

    Cannabis consumption is set to legalize nation wide in Canada on October 17 2018. However, behind the scenes entrepreneurs and companies are busy at work building this new industry for products ranging from recreational use to non-psychoactive ancillaries like medical treatments, additives and more. In this cast, we chat with serial entrepreneur and Motif Cannabis Co-Founder Ian Haase, about navigating this new industry in Canada.

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    E21: Phil Elsasser (CTO @ Market Protocol) on Adding Complex Financial Instruments, Concerns About Central Exchanges with Market Protocol

    Price volatility is one factor limiting growth in the blockchain space. In this cast we talk to Co-Founder and CTO Phil Elsasser about his team's goal to build an underlying open source blockchain derivatives protocol. We touch on this problem of price volatility, bringing shorting to digital asset contracts, oracles for stock data and more!

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    E20: Rob May (CEO @ Talla) Post Exit Reflections, Digital Workers for Cognitive Ergonomics, Vigoda Law, and Building AI Trust with Talla & Botchain

    Don't skip this one. With more automation, productivity tools, and cloud storage solutions the tricky question of, "how do we make all of this work together for the knowledge worker?" is becoming increasingly important. Layer on AI and the data used to improve these processes and we start asking slightly more concerning questions like, "Can you trust AI?" In this cast we talk to Rob May, CEO of Talla and angel investor in the AI world about exiting from his previous company Backupify, observations in AI world and his work with Talla and Botchain to create a new a standard for autonomous agents, Human-AI interactions, and more.

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    E18: Igor Lilic (CEO @ Cellarius) on The Evolving Medium Of Story Telling, New Models for Entertainment & Crowd Sourced Content on Ethereum

    With the advent of the internet the media industry has taken a complete turn in the 21st century. In this cast we talk to Co-Founder and CEO Igor Lilic of the Cellarius Network, a Consensys project, attempting to reinvent the nature of story telling through crowd sourced contributions. Cellarius hopes to unlock the thousands of untold stories of humanity, and create some new ones a long the way with this epic story of humanity and AI.

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    E17: Richard Burton (CEO @ on Protocolism, Being Candid with Crypto, and Fixing The Usability Problem

    "Your $100 million ICO is not a success. It is a debt to the community. You owe us a $100 billion protocol. Good luck delivering." Richard Burton is CEO of, a new weapon in the Ethereum tool arsenal. The twist? It's focused specifically on getting crypto on track by solving some of Ethereum's toughest usability problems. In this cast we discuss all matters of the crypto world, from "protocolism" to critiques of the community and state.

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    E15: Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin) Building Better Open Source with Ethereum, Future of Developer Work, and Just BUIDL

    "HODL" has been an iconic meme in the crypto world, but with a growing realization that Blockchain technology could be bigger than finance, communities and developers are rising to the challenge to BUIDL the future as they see fit. In this cast, we talk to one such Founder Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin (Consensys Mesh) on his mission to push open source forward and bring Web3 into developer work life and beyond.

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    E14: Danielle Strachman (GP at 1517) An Entrepreneurial Education, Relationship Driven VC, and Lessons from Thiel Fellowship

    "Universities today are selling a piece of paper at great cost and telling people that buying it is the only way they can save their souls". In this cast we talk to GP Danielle Strachman of 1517 Fund on her dedication to dispelling the "diploma illusion" of one size fits all education. Her focus on relationships first venture capital, and her time at Thiel Fellowship with inspiring founders like Ethereum creator Vitalik Butern.

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    E12: Alan Wunsche (CEO TokenFunder) on Bringing Investor Protections to Initial Coin Offerings

    Decentralized systems are, by nature... well.. a bit chaotic. While many investors in the 2017 ICO craze have been burned by more questionable offerings, 2018 continues to been the year of infrastructure and governance development. In this cast we chat with CEO Alan Wunsche of TokenFunder on their new platform for bringing investor protections and regulatory considerations for ICOs and more.

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    E9: Ali Hassan (CEO Crescent Crypto) on Institutionalizing Digital Assets

    The feigned herd of institutional money and investors just waiting on the side lines to get into the new world of digital assets is proclaimed far and wide among cryptocurrency investors. But results have been slower than forums have thought. In this episode we chat with founder and CEO Ali Hassan, who is leading the charge with Crescent Crypto in providing access to institutional level investors to the highly desired returns from digital assets with his passive crypto index fund.

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    E4: Christopher Bruce on The Internet of Materials Blockchain

    In this cast we chat with Christopher Bruce Founder of endswapper building the Internet of Materials an "HTTP" like protocol for the materials and supply chain industry. We dive into why Chris is NOT doing an ICO and how he plans on building on the global computing ethereum platform!

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